Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Artist's Way: Week One Check-in

So my first week of following the exercises in The Artist's Way went reasonably well, I think. I did all of my Morning Pages and am finding them extremely helpful - I don't think it will take much persuasion to continue doing them. I am finding out a lot about what I need as opposed to what I think I need as a person, which is something I wasn't expecting - I am still not convinced that they will lead to much great creative work, but they are helping me to focus my mind and form my daily to do lists without too much umming and ahhing.

I was planning to go and walk by the river for my Artist's date, but it as freezing cold and raining and I thought "Freezing cold and raining will make me sick and stressed, not relaxed and happy", so I employed plan B. I lit my salt candle, my fairy lights and did an hour of relaxation-centred yoga practise in the morning, then I took the time to dig out all the pamper kits from years past and have a nice long bath - exfoliating/moisturising (which I never have time for) and creating a spa-like atmosphere for a couple of hours. I then sat and watched the film I'd promised to myself, Grand Budapest Hotel, which was charming and thoughtful and beautiful to watch.
I really feel the benefits today - I do feel calmer and more focussed, and more loved. I tell myself there is never time for relaxation yoga, or long baths, or watching films, but I felt more accomplished afterward than I usually do having been working all day. I took several hours just to myself, taking my mind to a calmer, freer place. I had time to reflect on personal projects I want to do and what I'd achieved recently. I feel ready for the new week, and ready for more work on my Artist's Way exercises.

I will be scheduling which exercises I will do on which day this week, as I found last week it was difficult to find time to do all of them and indeed I am doing my check-in a day late. It is a shame I didn't do it last week, as I felt some of my later exercises were rushed. However, the Monster Hall of Fame was hugely helpful. Addressing the monsters and their behaviour was cathartic and soothing - I felt protected and stood-up-for by my own sense of self worth. I think this course will most definitely help me streamline what I really want from my life as a creative soul - I am afraid of not sticking to it, and letting life get in the way, but I have just enough trust in myself to see in through. And indeed - it is that almost-overwhelming worry that I will not end up achieving what I set out to do that holds me back from just DOING. Hopefully, that course will help me increase my trust in my abilities.

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