Sunday, 6 October 2013

Post audition glow

Shenanigans at the Radio already this morning.  I have to re-do the demos I did last week (he noticed my edit in one of them, damn it) and I have a choice of two sets of headphones - one pair doesn't work, and the other pair are broken.  Was that gramatically correct? Eesh.

It'll be a busy one today.  Two classes at Pineapple then Faust then Orchestra. I shan't attempt to hide my smugness, I'll enjoy every second. I'm doing lots of Yoga at the moment - I try to go to Pineapple about three times a week and do a yoga class every time.  One of my very dear Twitter pals suggested I do more - It is helping with the "being in the moment" issues I'm currently struggling with, and also doing yoga before or after a good jazz or ballet class, I'm finding, does wonders for muscle recovery and general soreness.

We finished setting Comic Potential yesterday afternoon!  It has suddenly struck me that there is really not all that long to go before the show itself.  Terrifying and exciting.  I need to run my lines for CP every night before bed this week I think - I know Faust completely now, and now the dates are creeping closer I need to focus more on CP anyway. I saw Carla's costume design and love it.  Red blouse, black skirt and jacket, red killer-bitch heels.  YES. I love playing the evil ones.

I enjoyed my audition Sunday morning, too.  It was for a production of Medea - another greek Tragedy, and a wonderfully chilling story.  I saw Headlong's modernised production a few months ago at Richmond and thought it was brilliant.
The creative team seemed very friendly.  Lots of eye contact without being intimidating, and they were attentive to my pieces.  I did Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Storybook from Faust. (You'll never use monologues in auditions, they said!)  I thought it went well, and that's enough for me - it's up to them now.

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