Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sleep, Rope and Dr. Theatre

Yesterday was pretty amazing.

For the most part.
I overslept, which, to the credit of my phone alarm, has never happened bar ONCE (and even then I managed to not be late for work) - unfortunately I woke up at half ten, and rushed to get to my rehearsal which had started a half hour before.  I was mortified of course, but luckily the Faust/Gretchen final scene in the prison had yet to be set, so they'd spent time working on that.
When I watched it back, I was blown away.  Tom and Iulia are both such amazing actors. I really hope I come out of this project a more open person, and better at what I do from working with them.  I feel more unbalanced already, which I think is a good thing - I know I settle into a comfortable place very easily, and once I'm there it's pretty difficult to move me.  But in a way that was why I took the BDSM Faust job, I wanted something to really push me in ways I hadn't considered.

Anyway I got to try on a corset, which was pretty cool - I've always wanted one, and I think now would be a good time to invest - and a pretty good excuse as well - it was green satin.  Really beautiful. I was looking at some pretty black ones last night before my internet cut out, I'm definitely going to get one of those.

The play I saw in the evening was fabulous.  I know the playwright through my old college principal - they're both lovely guys and having seen some of the writer's other work he truly deserved to have the play done on a large scale.  It hit a chord with me - dealing with nostalgia of bygone days, the elderly and fading - I have always had an appreciation for those bygone eras before technology took over and when there was a proper etiquette with regard to how to speak to people.

Off to an audition, then rehearsal for Comic Potential.

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